Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]


How do you offer singing lessons?

Under normal circumstances, we offer one-to-one singing lessons and vocal coaching both in-person and online.  During the COVID-19 public health emergency, to preserve the health and safety of our students, we are offering lessons online only.   We will resume in-person lessons once it is safe to do so.

What platform do you use for online lessons?

We currently use the Zoom platform, which is free to install and is available across a variety of operating systems.   Zoom also allows you to record your lessons in both full-video and audio-only mode so you can study and practice with your lesson recordings.

Do I need any special equipment for Online lessons?

No.  If you have an internet connection and a computer, notepad, or smartphone capable of video-conferencing, e.g. with a camera and a microphone, you can take online lessons!  It is helpful to have a second device nearby during your lesson in order to play back your accompaniment recordings.  There are optional items such as USB microphones which can improve sound quality, but they're not necessary in order to have an effective and successful lesson!

How are online lessons different from in-person lessons?

We find that the pacing of online lessons is more relaxed and laid-back.  You're in your home "space": no driving through crazy traffic to get to your lesson.  Because it takes time for information to travel through the internet, there is a brief "audio lag" between the time the student makes the sound and the time we hear it and vice versa.  We compensate for this by working in a call-and-response style, prioritizing the development of the student's musical "ear", and utilizing recorded accompaniments for songs.   

Are there any unique benefits to online lessons?

Online lessons require that students work more on their own "ear", and so are great for developing greater musical independence.   The proximity of the camera means that we actually can see and correct small movements of the singer's jaw and tongue better than when we are across the room in a live lesson.  Singers also get the opportunity to learn about presenting themselves on camera, a skill which will be of great importance in our increasingly online world.

What are the benefits of singing lessons if I'm not interested in becoming a professional singer?

During singing lessons, we actually work on many skills that translate to and can help foster success in other fields.  These include but are definitely not limited to:

  • how to develop and maintain a healthy and effective speaking voice 
  • how to present oneself in front of an audience
  • communication skills
  • body awareness
  • time management
  • project management