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"I started voice lessons with Aurelius Gori in January 2016, thinking I would just do one semester so I would be able to sing with enough technique and confidence to sing non-classical music in small settings. As we were working on that, I fell in love with the process. My range increased significantly and I am slowly learning to let the tension melt away, and to sing in an organic, natural breath-supported way. I also love the studio classes that he organizes with his wife which gives the chance to get another perspective on your singing. Aurelius' way of teaching is incredibly encouraging and now I can't get enough of the lessons. Kudos and big thanks again for all you do."   - Jo H., Student of Dr. Gori. 

"Grace is a joy to work with. She excels at imparting her vast knowledge of vocal technique to her students and focuses not only on the "hows" but also on the "whys." She uses a variety of exercises that will increase your range, improve your breathing, and clarify your diction. Lessons with her are fun and stimulating -- and ultimately very rewarding. " Hope M., Student of Ms. Gori

"Aurelius Gori has a gift for developing true excellence in his voice students. Not only does he provide them with exceptional technical training to make the most of their talents, but--perhaps even more important--he does so in a way that always positive and encouraging so that students are actually capable of finding their best singing selves. Thanks to Dr. Gori's training and teaching style, both of my sons have improved their singing, developed greater skill in using their voices in acting, and found greater confidence in performing"  - Elise B.H., parent of N. and E."

Our daughter profited greatly from both Aurelius and Grace Gori’s combined talents as vocalists, educators, and mentors. Aurelius and Grace both offer an extremely high level of instruction in advanced vocal techniques as well as insights and strategies that develop musical sensitivity and depth of interpretation. With their encouragement, support, and kindness, our daughter achieved new levels of ability and competence, and will always look back on her time at GVS with the greatest of appreciation and affection.” Janice M., parent of Sarah.

Gori Voice Studios is absolutely the best place to learn how to sing or improve your skills! Both instructors are professional singers and have a wide range of knowledge in many of the voice styles and genres. They provide lessons in a comfortable, caring environment that nurtures not only your love of singing but your overall health. The instructors are constantly attending different seminars and applying the knowledge they receive to their practice. Oftentimes lessons have taken longer then scheduled, but I was never pushed out the door or asked to pay more. I can honestly say I learned more about music, technique, and performance in three months with Gori Voice Studios than I have in my previous vocal lessons. I would highly recommend them, and have recommended them, to anyone looking to advance their vocal studies!" J.H., Student of Ms. Gori

My son started taking lessons with Aurelius two years ago, and it has been a deeply enriching experience for him. I remember him coming home from his first lesson, bouncing with excitement at what he had already learned, and anticipation of what was to come. His experience with Gori Voice Studios did not disappoint. My son improved his technique immensely, learned a lot about the anatomy of the voice, and sounds wonderful! Thank you, Aurelius, for your expertise, humor and patience with a teenager who needs a healthy dose of all these things." - Jane M., parent of Ray.